Ergonomic Evaluations

Proper ergonomics in the workplace are essential for preventing injury. Our certified ergonomic evaluators are trained to identify ergonomic risk factors and make measurable improvements to work environments.

Ergonomic evaluations not only prevent unnecessary injuries, they can be used to accommodate an existing injury or condition. In the long run, a proper ergonomics program saves employers money and maintains a healthy and productive work environment.

Ergonomic Evaluation Services for Injured Workers:

  • Evaluate the current work environment, equipment, tools, and workstation. Understand worker and employer needs, and worker’s physical capacities. Identify target areas of improvement.
  • Assess all existing risks specific to the job, workstation, and worker’s capacities.
  • Make recommendations for accommodations or adjustments. Discuss medical necessity with the medical provider. Connect worker with equipment vendor to identify tools or equipment.
  • Ensure all parties agree and approve. Order tools and equipment if necessary.
  • Follow up with worker and employer to ensure accommodations are being used properly and have resolved the ergonomic concern.

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