Our Team

Our team of vocational rehabilitation counselors, ergonomic evaluators, forensic experts, and PGAP® providers are extensively trained, competent, and caring professionals.

Our Founders

Aimee Jolie, MA, CDMS, PGAP Provider

Cheryl Baker, CDMS, PGAP Provider

Vocational Counselors

Amy Williams, MA, CRC, ABVE-D, FVE, PGAP Provider

Anna Holt, CDMS

April Graham, MA, CDMS

Bill Cagle, CDMS

Bill Reitz, CDMS

Brianna Rivera, Intern

Carmel Montgomery, CDMS, PGAP Provider

Chrissy Pierce, MS, CRC, PGAP Provider

Christina Abad, Intern

Cicely Ice, CDMS

Dan (Daniel) Irby, MA, CRC, PGAP Provider

Heidi Trisler-Ballew, CDMS, CRC, PGAP Provider

Julie Rapalee, CDMS

Kait (Kathryn) Turner, PTA, MA, CRC

Kaley Westby, Intern

Kara Knowles, CRC, CDMS, PGAP Provider

Karli Anisoglu, CDMS

Kathy Papac, CDMS

Kelsy Wierzbicki, Intern

Keo Lewis, CDMS

Kourtney Dexter, CDMS, CEAS

Lacey Kogan, CDMS, CEAS

Lisa Larsen, MA, CRC, PGAP Provider

Liz (Elizabeth) Engle, CDMS, CEAS

Mary Taylor, MSIOP, CDMS, CEAS

Michelle Abad, CDMS

Nicki (Kathleen) Gorski, CDMS

Nikki Jellison, CDMS, CEAS, PGAP Provider

Phil Membry, Intern

Robyn Gustafson, CDMS

Samantha Shimogawa, CDMS

Scott Stoltz, MS, CRC, PGAP Provider

Shelly Bray, CDMS

Terri Voight, CDMS

Todd Martin, CDMS

Tyler Meyers, CDMS

Tyler Voight, CDMS

Wendy Hval, Intern